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------ar{Y% --ad~T pd~y _C

                             \\\\\ K~D% mkL \\\\\


mkL _d

ZK E~bR h~% tp~K I{n%aAN C# j;$ ,,

s% Il{_m% , al{m~% _g*

_p`@H p@H tb~K ZK tn;$ t_nY E@P bK ,


Pn&@C _Q. twK t`N af{K dh*K ,

ht~K qN _d

tN{ pdR kD% k*K an{t rN$ ,

dh*K xrK t&@K-t&K a#-P# prN \d] ,,


l{k~w al{N pn&@C b{Z~% t@L ad] ,

k~D% s`. m\k;% , MT hdH h=d _\p

hn{. F&@L =QH _\EH \g@P k~l{_dU ,

s% b@L p=tH m\E~. tO/ _BU _rU s/ d_n


s% BP x% C# hdH aO

h~% Il{_m% , h~% pn&@C a=mK _d

h~% ad# dR% =QK _q

h~% adT cOT , h~% _F% p_t


h~% s% h)H \t~H A$ kj@P ,

h~% FK _k`@U ad{H : uT , p~N , p~N , =P ,,

al{N F% ad] h_d. l{b{K x=\h ,

=j& _OH mD{L-klL _b*


F% E@P bK x=I Q&% pQ{K ,

k*H _p`@H d} s% t\nK lZ{K l{N tp{N ,,

al&{C tp&{C x$ hdH w@K m{N ,

ky&% m_N% xK =R xN} tZ{N a&K pj^ ,,


gn~. g@P w@H _p*> F% G@H ,

s% m=EK bL jw K% nrH _x@H mL/ ,,

ad] w@Y d$ d_gK =j& C/ ,

g{lL# t@L t~K G&@H G/ uE~ML ,,


=R dh)w _A% rOH aE@N pj@N ,

urK N{ \kH hdH \g@P ng@R yT cK ,,

pN tZ{N oT m_nT ET t`K ,

oN t_bN an{T a_lg E}-rsK m_h@H x=R ,,


g{n~P md% _d

h_d. mn~x g*c ad&{x y/ p=\b V~% m{N ,,

xm{ xML \g~K ZK j`~. al{N ,

mn&{x uR/_A% rOH l{h{K tZ{N t=K S~P pl~P .


d~N y% t@L ht~K md% g{n~P ,

al{N F% ad] as~N b{lN ht~K awg s`. ,,

O$ h&K aQ{H b{Z} hR] mL# ,

\p;N yw% A$ kd$ y~w dL# \k~/ \k;C ,,


B{Q{ b{=Y _d

L/ c=l& _Q. _pC oH b{=W& xlK ht`N ,,

A< d&% _b

Q&% xlw , aO~K cK G@H G/ mn~H mn;/ ,,


x=I t\k;% m=sK ad] a;. ,

k~K a_k

\k;n x_L< ad] dl# s/ mg{K ,

Pt&H W~~@P jnK pA{K dL# af{K h~% ht} ,,


adT cOT anK k~M] c# b{n} ,

ad# dr7 pq# an[T bEK rE} hpK aw-l&H ,,

_FK x_l< _\cU d} ak




aL/ c_lY j~U c_OY =QH b}Z~% ,,

ad] k*< A{. ap@H mT% t@L t~% F% dh*K

an{T ad] _\p

hg t\k;% D~g =D h*n h*K al&H _F% ,,


t\k;% p&@C g*$ aqK adT _B% ,

adT k~M]-xH l{k]-_d^w%m_N% , _d^w%xm=lK ,

_pC r_L% ad] _Q> oH tl=K ,,,



O/ a_b

Mv~. a`% b{Z~N MT b@N mIN s/ad] ,,


F% BP X% C# , Il{_M% \d] _QU t_gK .


ZK E~b@R A$ h~% rK _rK ,

Pn&@C _Q. a=mK h~% B&@H w@K dL# u=R ,,,


,,,xl# ad] _s

_n< l{k~w _fL _p`@H m=R p@H s/bc ,

k*w as~N kQH k=QY m/ h~ g{lC ,

h~ p_t


ad] x=I m{K-w% ab{H \d] ,

pcH g@P bC m\j~% mL# hR] oH _k*

=xH bC m=R b*

Mt =cK _m


K*w aE~N hn[ f&@L _s

j/ oH aw@R \g~K _G

aw d&% _b

E~b@R km@Y A&K =l& F% V~% m~t&] m~DR ,


aAR W# j{H b{Z~% ar ML ,

b{Q} b{=Y s`. m=EK AL dML an{T rN# ,,

,,, my~T km@Y j$ \g~% p_t

\g~K ZK P$ kd$ F% u=R prN C$ dh*K ,,


F% IN%aAN C# yT cK oH md# ,


------ g{n~. g@P _rH d&H Il_m% ,

_j`@N p=d O$ ab{H oH _d% aAN tp~K ,,

Mn&{x x$ bC h)H \t~H ,

Ad~h a`% g`~. a_lg s`. m/g~h hr] p_g^ ,,


Th% _n< j/pA{KD_n

_p`@H k% b`% ut m/ m[H e t_gK p_t


yK y~. j~. p_t> p\t} p\t% prN dh*K ,,


l{k] xg =j O&K amH p\MK ,

k~M] jg krg Et t`K t_gK E&@L g% ,,

h~% s% uR% Wallr{y% aZN : tN Q%-

p\d~T p\=d& F% uT b`% _c


t&@K t&K s% af`N ar{y% j# j} ,

=l& w@K =R C# s% gq} ad~T pd~Y ,

Al{N kM@Y a`@K =j& r~w r} ,

=jK s% r{b~w as~N t@L urK xn} _d


,,,\E~w ad~w tL/ drH a_lg tN} ,

a@N =Z mn&{X h*] j# j} _g`

hdH pj^ d} \g@P gl%L# ,

b*@K xl{H b{r~w u=r an[K rN# t&] h=T F% m_n%xK ,,


k*K w@R ab{H kD% JK k*K ,

h_d. jnK k# m=b kd$ adK u=R b{r~w ,,

mn&@X hd`{P ab{H \g~K b=W& r~w ,

tnH r{y% , _\c


\g~. ktL mV} md@H ab{H \d] ,

hjN aZ{N tb~K r{_E

=g* r$ l{h{K , ac@K c@N _d

C[ k*K \E~H apN tm% t\nK l{Z{K _\p@w h`% ,,


L{m;N k*K r# dn;N –d_N< s~% a`% ,

B*K tm% _\c

D~N y% \E~w d~w a@K l{F% ,

An;K mn&{X ZK _F% O$ _R% h)L dh*K ,,


_F% _gN d{ a_Lg _\p

M{N s~bR k*H d} o xlK t`N akL ,,

=r hd`{P pcH g@P O&H akR ,



R{y%akL h~% d&{X d} h=gK ,


hr] hd] hd`{P md% m=R h~ ,

ky*% _y




---\\\\--d`} IN \d% tw _y`@w --\\\\

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