NGUYEN TRINH THI, “Letters from Panduranga” (2015)

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kevin cham
by Published on February 13, 2018
Exhibition at Jeu de Paume, Paris
from 20 October 2015 until 24 January 2016
Nguyen Trinh Thi (born 1973, Hanoi) is an artist and filmmaker. She studied journalism and photography at the university of Iowa; and international relations and ethnographic film at university of California, San Diego. Her documentary and experimental films have been screened at festivals and exhibitions nationally and internationally. Nguyen is the founding director of Hanoi DocLab (2009), a center for documentary filmmaking and video art in Hanoi, where she continues to teach today.
“Letters from Panduranga” was initially inspired by the fact that the Vietnamese government is to build Vietnam’s first two nuclear power plants in Ninh Thuan by 2020. Public discussions regarding the project have been largely absent in Vietnam due to strict government controls over public speech and media; and local communities have also been excluded from consultations.
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February 14, 2018